Garage Door Repair, Replacement, and Installation in Winterville, GA, 30683, Clarke County (3772)

New Garage Door & Installation

With a variety of offerings to choose from, our most common services include: new Garage Doors, Garage Door Opener installation, Garage Door broken springs, broken Garage Door cables, Garage Door roller replacement, Garage Door track replacement, Garage door panel replacement, or any other concerns you may have with any other type of Garage Door repair. We're positive Extreme Garage Door will provide you with exceptional service in the Winterville area.

Cost Factors To Replace Garage Door 

Additional cost considerations when replacing a garage door include:

  • Door Type – New doors vary in price depending on the material, style, customizations, size, weight, and hardware.
  • Door Features – Optional features include windows, screens, walk-through doors, insulation, or being hurricane-rated, which increases the price.
  • Labor – Local construction costs, transportation fees, reconnecting the old opener, adding weather stripping, and replacing heavy or over-sized doors affect the price.
  • New Opener – Installing a new opener costs more and may require adding an electrical outlet.
  • Resizing The Opening – Creating custom door sizes or repairing a damaged door opening may be necessary.

Garage doors last 15 to 30 years, offers a 95% return on investment, and boost the home’s curb appeal. Installing a garage door typically takes two professionals 3 to 6 hours. Garage replacement is not a safe DIY project and voids warranties.

If the door itself is damaged, it may not be necessary to replace the entire assembly. Some suppliers will sell single panels. You may not be able to match all the trim details, but you can usually get basic single- or double-car door panels in wood or metal.

One of the most important choices will be the type of lifting spring you choose. Older doors will most likely have extension springs – springs attached on either side of the door, that stretch along the track next to each side of the door when the door is closed. The newer choice is to use torsion springs, which are usually placed just above the top section of the door and mounted to the header. This type of spring does not expand and contract when the door is moved, but instead uses a wound spring that resembles a corkscrew. Advocates of the torsion spring point to increased safety for the homeowner and smoother operation because it better balances the door.

Finally, consider any locks you may desire. If you will be using an electric door opener, you probably won’t need a lock on the door for security, but you may want a release mechanism on the front of the door in case of power failure – especially if there is no other access to the garage.

Garage doors have become increasingly important to the “look” of a property, so – whether you are repairing or replacing your door – you will want to make decisions that will give you the best appearance, function and safety.